How the years fly past

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Its been 2 years since the fish pond episode and so many things have changed……

Anyway im thinking of starting up again with bits and pieces…mainly as a nature study blog for the kids. Here are some pics of a bug Reub found today.. if i can work out how to upload pics again?????

Reuben sent an email of to the bugman at WTB (whats that bug)  and guess what?? This morning we got a reply…never thought id get so excited about a bug email. So here it is:

Hello, my name Reuben and i am 8. I found this insect on a wattle tree. We live in Queensland Australia. Can you tell us about it??? Me and my brothers love your website.

Hi Reuben,
Thanks for your kind words.  This is the larva of a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.  Though your example is definitely not the Silver Wattle Leaf Beetle pictured on the Brisbane Insect website, it does have some similarities.  We eventually located the Acacia Leaf Beetle, Dicranosterna picea, also on the Brisbane Insect Website, and the larva appears to be a good match.

So at this moment the boys are back outside searching for the adult leaf beetle.  A moment ago they ran in with two mating butterflies…….

in which we dig a fish pond…

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Reuben asked…. if he was to dig a hole and fill it with mud, could we get a Jenny crab and breed mud crabs. I suggested we try Guppies first and see how we go. So……we have been busy digging……in the rain……getting very muddy! Here are some pics…. 


…hi ho hi ho its off to work we go…

gideon with shovel


digging fish pond

HOw to Make a FisH PonD

by Reuben and Gideon Wells

  1. First we needed some shovels  and we dug around in a circle with spray paint.
  2. Then we  kept digging in the circle.
  3. Its hard work because we been digging alot.
  4. We are going to put a little bit of sand into the hole and then we put plasic  on top of it.
  5. We wait for some rain..if there is any…to fill the pond.
  6. Then we put rocks around  on the plastic so the plastic cant slide down.
  7. The rock are so no one can fall in it
  8. The we buy some fish and put them in the pond.

paper daisies and a red flower…

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Flowers @ Five Rocks



From old to new….

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Below here are all my blogs that i have cut and pasted from the old blog site…. they are all in one big entry now. Above here is where i begin  again with a fresh look that will hopefully inspire me to blog more…but not too much…. just a bit here and there…let me know if you thinks its becoming a problem…im trying to work out the whole code thing so i can play around with the look…. Oh and dad…guess what? WordPress has spell check…wahooo!! No more intrestingly spellded words!  



Just love this Poem

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I just love this poem by Nicole Siddall –  it was in the recent Above Rubies….


Lookin’ Good


It seems I’m not as put together

As i use to be

Things have changed a bit

Since i had these children three

I don’t wear lipstick very much

For i have cheeks to kiss

I’d rather paint with finger paints

Than paint my finger tips

The baby likes to pull my hair

I have to wear it back

I hope the vacuum makes me strong

Cos workout time i lack

The high-healed shoes are put away

I might trip on the toys

And skirts dont work down on the floor

While playing blocks with boys

My dressy clothes are good as gone

Since everything gets spit up on

And half the closet’s pregnant clothes

Since half the time im wearing those

Jaens and Tshirts are the rule

For cleaning, playing, doing school

A wedding ring and happy smile

Are all my jewelry for awhile

And yet when i look in the mirror

Ive never looked so good

Guess nothing ever suited me

As well as motherhood

Be Back Soon

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 Just a short entry tonight to say i will be back soon….. After my internet fast (i fasted internet usage for 30 days while my DH fasted fishing)  i havent felt free to take up blogging again just yet….. its down a bit lower on the priority list… but i will get back to it soonish. 

Well thats about all i wanted to say for now

God Bless

Photo Magic

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This is just a quick post to tell anyone who i reading to go check out my friend Michelles blog site  @   Michelle is the most awesome photographer and you just have to see the photos of her precious little Nicola….they are simply magic…. she is doing this challenge thing where you take one creative photo of you children every day for 30 days…. i was thinking of doing it but my camera is just not behaving for me!! And my wonderfully encouraging DH looks at my creations and asks in a confused sort of tone “do you think that looks good do you??

Any way here are some attempts at something differnet

This is called “Little Feet”

And this one is  “Keppel Sunset” Dont ask me how i did it….cause i have know idea…i just pressed a few buttons  here and there and hey presto….i like it!!!


Friday is Nature Day

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Today we did our very first nature walk of the year…infact our very first  nature walk ever. Well actually, the boys are always in the yard finding bugs and pulling up plants then asking a thousand questions – what is it? can you eat this? can i pick it up? come on mum…look what i found!!  and then we do a bit of surfing to find out the answers…. These are the perfect moment for learning  to take place (the way it should…not behind a desk)  and alot of the time im just not takin the time to go with the flow….. so our friday nature walks will be a little more structured but not to much….let them ask the questions and go from there…..


After todays walk we did a photo report up on the computer and printed it out for their Nature Folio… they dictated i typed….. and Roo drew a picture of  the lizard he saw trying to catch a spider….


There are a hundred diferent way we can go from here… thinking on doing “the life cycle of a cicada” with them……caleb found two cicada’ of which look like it had just broken out of its caccoon….it was really soft and white with crumpled up wings…by the time he got it home it was a bit squashed though….he was so proud of his little find 

A few Christmas Thoughts and Pics

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Well i have so much blogging to catch up on and so much i have wanted to say….but ive just been exhausted…in need of a few early nights i think…..or maybe the broken sleep thing is starting to take its toll!!

It’s been so lovely to have Dennis home in the mornings…sleep ins….beakfast all together…’s feeling like one continual weekend…infact i keep thinking every day is saturday…i do find it hard though to keep the house routine thing going when we are in holiday mode and am looking forward to getting back into things….schoolwork…housework…business…


Any way i thought i should do a few pics from our Christmas season before the year gets rolling and 2008 suddenly pounces upon us….


  Christmas felt a bit empty this year without everyone else… kinda not the same…something missing….and we didnt have marmalade popovers!!!! But looking over our pics we did have some fun all by our little selves….Just us 6 (plus a few others thrown in here and there)


Christmas Morning…


“…am i doing it right….”

“…um..thanks Granddad…it tastes….um…interesting….”

“..oh look its funny too…..”



The boys with there boggie boards….we actually went to Cooee Bay beach today and did a bit of wave catching and they were quite good at it too…..Roo wanted to explore the beach for shipwreck treasures (we have a book out from the library about shipwrecks) and we found an alive but sick looking sea snake washed up on the beach…


The good old pop guns were the favorite…remind me next year that thats all they need!




Holiday on the Water…


…coming soon…



Ive been tagged???

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Well i havent been blogging for a bit…trying a bit of seft control…but Michelle has tagged me with this so here goes…

A – Available/Single?   NO thank goodness!

B – Best Friend?   Dennis

C – Cake or Pie?   Pie
D – Drink Of Choice?   Water and a nice cuppa Tea with honey every half an hour

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday?   TeaTowel and Vacuum Cleaner (unfortuately)
F – Favorite Colour?  
Was red but since Gracie’s been about its starting to turn a shade of pink!!
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?   I’ll take the Bears

H – Home or Homesick?   Home sweet home!
I – Indulgence?  
A good book and peace and quiet! doesnt happen very often
J – January Or February?   February – nearly the end of summer and closer to winter plus its my birthday month

K – Kids & Their Names?   Reuben 5 1/2 Gideon 4 1/2 Caleb 2 1/2 Grace 4m

L – Life Is Incomplete Without?   Life with out Jesus is like donut…like at donut …like a donut…Life with out Jesus is like a donut….cause there’s a hole in the middle of your heart….

M – Marriage date?   9th Sept 2000
N – Number Of Siblings?   2 sisters
O – Oranges Or Apples?   Oranges but there just so messy!!

P – Phobias/Fears?   Cockroaches and Ants

Q – Favorite Quote:   Minds gone blank….

R – Real Hair Color?   brown
S – Season?   Spring n Autumn

T – Tag 3 or 4 people?   DAD and KATIE I tag u!
U – Unknown Fact About Me?  Unkown!!

V – Vegetable you don’t like?   I like my vieggies….makes me grow big and strong!!!
W – Worst Habit?  
Pulling out my hair and biting my nails!!! Truely i think i need help..hehe!!
X – X-rays You’ve Had?   ultrasound x lots and my back i think

Y – Your Favorite Food?   I just love it all…..mmmmmm!

Z –  Zodiac Sign?   Pie -n- cheese??? Huh!!  What??

Well There It is…i hope you feel you know me a little better now…..

and i will get to blogging soon……


A Poem by Me

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Sticks & String

With a good stong stick

And a long piece of string

I can do almost anything……

Today im a hunter with lions to kill.

Tomorrow a bushman

With hideouts to build

Or maybe a soilder…..a pirate…a king…

Just give me a stick

And a long piece of string!!

Bows & Arrows

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Yesterday we got a load of stuff from No Greater Joy in the mail. The calander is full of great boy stuff…sling shots,  knife throwing…..sword fighting and of course bows and arrows…….So this morning we were straight into it……



Dad was off to work and Mum was left with three boys (and their sticks) eagerly awaiting a bow crafting lesson…… 





‘…lets go get us a wild pig…”




Well that was lotsa fun…beats housework!!!

News From the Laundry

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Well we are still nice and clean…and as soon as i drag myself away from the computer i have a basket of cleans to fold and a load dirties to wash and one to hang….  The rest of the house is still in a reasonable state as we had house church here on sunday…. and yesterday i sent the boys over to dads for the day. My DH is so wonderful when it comes to helping me with the house….im an awful housekeeper….and DH’s love language just happens to be Works Of Service….in ither words – the one thing that i find the hardest to do is the one thing that communicates to him how much i love him…..

Well i hadbetter stop procrastinating……put into action a bit of self disipline….don my apron…and get to it….

Farewell dear freind……and never come back!!

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And just this week i was thiking  that you would never go…i felt totally over whelmed by your continual intuding presence in my life…..starting to feel i wasnt coping……..


…..AND THEN…..


Gone…..vanished… more……the end…….farewell…..  


Wow….what a feeling….kinda like fresh breeze on a stikin’ hot day…or the silence when everyones finaaly asleep but me… pressing the print button on 5000 word assignment……or the moment they place that floppy slimey blood covered tiny precious baby on your chest….Well its not quite like that but almost…..


I have finally vanquished my washing pile that has for so long resided at the entry (of all places) to my home…..we have done this once before and with the help of a little routine in my life (not much of that around) it stayed away for  a bit……well now we are back in control….Here is my little routine that works quite well……throw all the days dirties in to the machine just before bed….it washes overnight…..and i hang them early in the morning…..and hey presto…..a clean laundry forevermore……


I’ll let you know how it goes!!!!




ps – i still have to hang it all out and then theres that huge pile of folding that lives in the lounge room…….does it ever end???? 



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My Precious Little Girl

Technical Computer Stuff

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 Its taken me forever tonight trying to workout the photo upload correct size thing!!!  Its exhausting  and  now im ready to hit the sack….. I have lots more to blog about  and now we have a camera that works i can get snap happy and  post lots of pic of the boys and the wonderful things they get busy doing. Like the wonderful Cubby house they made last week out of all the palm branches…..or the baby bird they found yesterday which didnt survive the cold of night…..or the worms that they spent day digging up…..   They sure do keep the learning opportunitys rolling……  I might start up a Nature Blog that i keep adding to with each new discovery …be it plant… aminal… or mineral..???.



Christmas Card Tree and Advent Treasure Hunt

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This is our Christmas card tree that we have been working on all this week. You know that box of old christmas cards we all have stored away…. afraid to thow out…thinking that they might come in handy one day for something….Well i have finally found that something and its looking really good…..


Its been great for the boys Cutting Skills. I will have to get some shots of the boys facial expression as they are cutting…



So this will be our tree this year instead of the lovely fake one which seems to throw it dodgy decoration all over the house every five minutes!!!



And just under our beautiful tree is our very cute Nativity scene.  I bought this just last week for our Advent Treasure Hunt. Each morning after breaky they have to search the house for another part of the nativity……….then we read part of the christmas story or discuss something related to what they find